A New Garden & Nursery for Rhinebeck

Episode 3: A New Garden & Nursery for Rhinebeck

From Covid passion to new profession, Ali McEnhill converts an old dairy farm into an environmentally sensitive Rhinebeck garden and nursery.

Show notes

Ali McEnhill never fashioned herself a gardener. But after falling in love with an old dairy farm at the eastern edge of Rhinebeck, Ali brought in goats to go after weeds and practiced sowing skills on a radiator. Now, she launches a nursery graced with hundreds of plants grown locally that will thrive in the Hudson Valley. Ali shares her origin story, some of her struggles and her alacrity for her latest creative project.

Ali McEnhill is founder and owner of Old Dairy Farm Nursery & Gardens

This podcast is a joint production of The Daily Catch and Radio Free Rhinecliff. Produced and engineered by Matty Rosenberg, associate producer Jenn Hammoud. Questions or comments? Email emily@thedailycatch.org or comments@radiofreerhinecliff.org



Ali McEnhill

Ali McEnhill

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